Technology The Handwritten Biometric Signature

The Handwritten Biometric Signature is a biometric identification method for behavioral characteristics (considering the unique characteristics of pressure, speed, pace, acceleration, tilt, twist). Biometrics is an almost unquestionably identification medium, because it is done by physical and behavioral characteristics of a person only. The use of biometrics meets perfectly with the principles of freedom of choice, freedom of form and good faith.


Cost Reduction
Security and Reliability Assurance Increase Efficiency
Increase Efficiency
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Other advantages of Handwritten Biometric Signature compared to other methods of signature or identification :

  • Unlike a card, the signature of an individual can not be lost or stolen
  • It is impossible to forget his own signature , as opposed to a PIN
  • Subscriptions may not be disclosed to third parties
  • Signatures are always granted deliberately , while the cards and PINs disclosed can be used without consent
  • The signatures are considered suitable for authentication of statements of interest
  • Sign with a pen is a familiar and usual process


Photo Association of the person signing and documents
The person Digital Association that are signing documents and
Digital Firm opening of geographical location
Biometric Signature of the opening of the Digital Firm

In order to increase the high level of security to the Digital Document signing process, Signs One associates other unique information of the people involved. We also highlight :